A divorce is a legal dissolution of a marriage in a court of law. It involves the equitable division of property and debt between the parties and, when children are involved, the court establishes custody, timesharing and support. In certain cases, alimony may be appropriate.


Child issues: It may be true that a divorce ends a marriage for the couple, but it does not necessarily end the family when children are involved. While the “couple” relationship will come to an end with the entry of a Final Decree, the family aspect of the former relationship must be redefined. A former client put it this way: We may be a broken family, but we are still a family.

The Galloway Legal Group team is dedicated to helping you redefine the family unit moving forward. We do this by establishing new physical and legal custody arrangements, developing a visitation plan that will be in the child’s best interest, and by creating a child support plan to provide for the child’s material needs. The Galloway Legal Group team stands ready to provide you with the attention and service you need as you legally redefine your family relationship.

Property and debt division: New Mexico is a community property state, and property division is governed by state of New Mexico statutes. Community property and debt are generally defined as property and debt acquired by the parties during the marriage. In general, separate property and debt includes any property or debt that either party had before the marriage. However, in some situations separate property may have been so mixed in with community property that it loses its separate status. This is known as transmutation. Some community property and debt may have been effectively reclassified as separate property or debt during the marriage. In other situations, some items may be a mixture of community and separate property. A few examples of this type of “mixed property” might include pensions, retirements, investment accounts and business interests.

The Galloway Legal Group team has many years of experience resolving property and debt disputes. We will help you identify community, separate, transmuted and mixed-status property and debt. We stand ready to aggressively negotiate and litigate on your behalf—to help you receive all that you are legally entitled to under New Mexico law. This could include informal negotiations, mediation events, retaining experts to value property and, if all else fails, litigate the issues during a trial on the merits, where the judge will make the final decision. We are prepared to assist you every step of the way through this sometimes complicated property and debt division process.

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