galloway_domesticVictims of domestic violence: When a familial relationship had deteriorated to the point of emotional and/or physical violence, a victim should seriously consider seeking the protection that a restraining order (also known as an Order of Protection) can provide. The Galloway Legal Group team is highly experienced and stands ready to provide victims of domestic violence with strong advocacy in this time of need, to help protect victims from further abuse.

Domestic violence is a serious and sometimes life-threatening matter which should be faced together with a strong legal team at your side. Call Galloway Legal Group today at (505) 506-06265, or EMAIL us now.

Alleged Perpetrators of Domestic Violence: If you are accused of domestic violence in the state of New Mexico, the ramifications on your life and livelihood can be significant and should be taken seriously. It is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed when you are served with a Temporary Order of Protection, especially if the accusations against you are false. At that time, it is critical that you have a highly experienced legal team on your side who can develop a strong defense on your behalf.

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