galloway_familylaw5Paternity actions arise when an unmarried mother or father of a child wishes to legally establish a child’s biological father. A mother who wants child support may initiate this action for her child. A father who wants to legally establish himself as a child’s father may commence this action to establish paternity, child custody rights, a time-sharing plan, and child support for his child.

When parentage is in doubt, the courts must first determine the biological father. It does this by obtaining a noninvasive DNA sample from the purported father for genetic testing against the child’s DNA. In this way, a man who is not the biological father will not be tasked with supporting another man’s child for up to 19 years. This method of identification also greatly assists a biological father in establishing his paternity and in gaining legal access to his child. During this time of uncertainty, you need the knowledge and experience of the Galloway Legal Group on your side.

Once the biological father of a child has been properly identified, the Galloway Legal Group team will aggressively assist you in customizing a plan to establish your parental rights. This could include establishing legal and physical custody, developing a time-sharing plan, and calculating child support obligations. In some cases where child abuse or neglect is established against one parent, custody may even be transferred to the other parent.

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